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GlueFolder, LLC self mailer machine

Gluefolder, Llc Self Mailer Machine

The Glue-Folder self mailer machine folds, glues and perforates plain paper output from computer printers into First Class folded self mailers also know as snap pack mailers or direct mailers.

When used as a spot glue system, the Glue-Folder self mailer machine replaces tabbing and pressure seal machines as a means of sealing third-class mail to make self mailers or direct mailers.  When the gluing system is not activated it not only produces snap pack mailers, self mailers and direct mailers, the Glue-Folder self mailer machine can also be used as a two-plate paper folding machine or as a letter folding machine. In this mode, it folds at a greater speed.

The Glue-Folder Model 504 self mailer machine glues and folds to 22,000 sheets per hour.  Among other features: 1) Microprocessor to program and control machine operation from one panel; 2) Double sheet and jam detectors; 3) Self contained pressurized cold glue system; 4) Completely portable- no need for house air; 5) Capable of C-Fold, V-Fold and Double Parallel folds on the standard model. In addition, a Z-Fold Option is available. The GlueFolder self mailer machine only requires a 220VAC receptacle, and is available in either 50Hz or 60Hz.
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